Amaldi Research Center


The Amaldi Research Center is an interdisciplinary Center for Gravitational Physics and Astrophysics dedicated to Edoardo Amaldi.  Its purposes are

  1. consolidating the role of the Physics Department and Italy within the international Gravitational-Wave (GW) research community;
  2. exploiting the scientific return provided by the kilometer-scale laser interferometers LIGO and Virgo;
  3. being a key player in the design and development of third-generation (3G) GW detectors (such as the Einstein Telescope) and the space detector LISA;
  4. training a new generation of students and researchers with strong interdisciplinary skills;
  5. being an incubator for new ideas that will help to cover frequency bands beyond those that are typical for current ground-based GW detectors;
  6. promoting technology transfer to industries and enterprises;
  7. coordinating public outreach activities.

A relevant improvement in the current interferometer sensitivity requires the development of new measurement strategies, new sensors and experimental devices based on innovative methodologies. This can be achieved by combining multidisciplinary expertise in the fields of material physics, quantum optics, cryogenics and superconductivity, which are all very well represented by several research groups that are extremely active within the Department, with internationally recognized excellences.

The project description of the Amaldi Research Center is available here (link content in Italian), while the research activities are illustrated at this page. Also, see here for material about the Amaldi Research Center that was presented to audience from the Physics Department in December 2021. 


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