Research doctorates

After obtaining a master's degree it is possible to continue in the curriculum of university studies to obtain a PhD.
The PhD is spread over three years. The beginning of the specialist doctoral lessons is usually in February. In addition to the lessons provided in the various years, PhD students are required to follow the general seminars that are held in the Department during the three years of the course. Courses are held in the Department that lead to the achievement of three possible doctoral degrees:
>> PhD in Physics
>> Doctorate in Astronomy
     Astronomy; Astrophysicis and Space science
>> Doctorate in Physics of Accelerators
Admission is by competitive exam and the duration is three years. The doctorate aims to provide an advanced level of preparation in terms of specific skills, but above all to equip PhD students with independent scientific research skills, highlighting originality, creativity and methodological rigor.
These three doctorates, along with three other doctorates in chemistry and mathematics are organized in the

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