AY. 2018/19

Three curricula can be attended for the Three-Year degree in Physics (classe L-30, Scienze e Tecnologie Fisiche): Physics, Astrophysics and Applied Physics.
The degree provides a basic preparation which: 

  • allows studies to be continued through Master's degree, Master's programs or Master's degree for the teaching of Mathematics and Sciences in the first level secondary school;
  • allows to entry into the working life (i.e. Physics and Environment fields, Electronics, Computers, Technological Innovation, Astronomy, Astrophysics and Space Research).

Three-Years Degree - A brief description 

For the admission to the T-Y Degree course a five-years secondary school diploma is needed. Alternatively, other qualifications obtained abroad and recognized as equivalent by the Administration can be presented. For the enrolment, students are required to take a compulsory test. The test is not selective and it aims at verifyng their knowledges. 
The Three-Years degree course is intended to provide skills pertaining to various fields. Mathematical, informatic and chemical knowledges are indeed furnished in the first two years of allthe three curricula. The knowledge of the English lenguage is also tested via an English exam. This exam aims at verifying if the student is really capable of using effectively at least one of the languages of the Europen Union (in addition to the Italian language), both in written and oral form. in the specific field of interest and also for general communication skills. The knowledge of the English language tested with this exam, corresponds to the B1 level within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
The Physics curriculum provides additional skills in the filds of calculus, Electronics, Condensed Matter and Nuclear Physics.
The Applied Physics curriculum offers the possibility to acquire further knowledges in the field of applied Physics.
The Astrophysics curriculum is indeed to furnish a more specific knowledge in the field of Astrophysics and Astronomy.
The T-Y Degree in Physics allows the students to access to the Master's degree courses in the LM-17 and LM-58 classes, after it is verified that the student have all the necessary prerequisites concerning her/his academic career and personal competence.
The students that are awarded with the Three-Years degree in Physics can carry out and coordinate technical activities in public and private research institutions and, more generally, in privare companies and in the Public Administration. In particular, they can play the role of laboratory technician, scientific programmer, data analyst, software developer for scientific and industrial applications, commercial technician for customer service (for example in the case of instrumentation companies). Using their interdisciplinary mathematical and technical skills, they can successfully interact with other professionals such as engineers, managers and information technology specialists. 

Sito di Ateneo del corso di laurea in Fisica: Informazioni sul corso, sulle modalita' di iscrizione, sul manifesto didattico, sui programmi degli insegnamenti

- The organization of the Three-Years degree course, of its curricula and a list of all the exams can be found in

TUTORS AY. 2018/19:

Bachelet Giovanni Battista
Bellini Fabio
Bini Cesare
Boeri Lilia
Crisanti Andrea
Del Re Daniele
Faccini Riccardo
Giardina Irene Rosana
Organtini Giovanni
Presilla Carlo
Pani Paolo
Rahatlou Sharam
Saini Naurang
Sciarrino Fabio
Scopigno Tullio


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