Bibliographical research


The tools for the bibliographic research are:

  • the Sapienza Collective Catalogue, that questions the catalogues of all Sapienza's libraries;
  • the Collective catalog of the National Library Service;
  • the page Our Journals where there is the list of the printed and online journals available along with the respective years in which the fulll text is also available;
  • the Sapienza Library System website, which, in the pursuit of its goals, guarantees the conservation, the development, the enhancement and integrated administration of the whole Sapienza's bibliographic and documentary heritage, as well as the access to online information resources according to research, teaching and administrative needs. In the perspective of the integrated management of the digital and printed heritage available in Sapienza, the Sapienza Library System has developed an integrated research provider that questions catalogues, databases and electronic periodicals. Here is a short tutorial to learn more about it!
  • the OPAC SBN, national collective catalogue, and ACNP, national collective archive of periodicals, which question the catalogues of all the most important national scientific libraries.

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