Tomassoni Prize 2023

Martedì, 2 Aprile, 2024

Dear Colleague,

Since 2001, the Department of Physics at the Sapienza University of Rome established two awards: the Felice Pietro Chisesi and Caterina Tomassoni Prize and the Caterina Tomassoni and Felice Pietro Chisesi Prize, to commemorate and honor two distinguished persons whose legacy has permitted the establishment of these awards. The awards recognize outstanding achievements in theory, experiment, or both, in any branch of Physics. There are no restrictions on the nationality and the affiliation of the awardees. Previous awardees are:

Felice Pietro Chisesi and Caterina Tomassoni Prize
Serge Haroche (2001), Pierre Encrenaz (2003), Till Kirsten (2004), Igor Novikov (2005), Wolfgang Götze (2006), Edward Lorenz (2008), Gabriele Veneziano (2009), Massimo Inguscio (2010), Paul Richards (2011), Michele Vendruscolo (2021).

Caterina Tomassoni and Felice Pietro Chisesi Prize
Ignazio Ciufolini (2001), Elisa Randall (2003), Federico Capasso (2004), Piero Zucchelli (2005), Savas Dimopoulos (2006), Gerald Gabrielse (2008), Thomas W. Ebbesen (2009), A. Zunger (2010), Herbert Spohn (2011), Alain Aspect (2013), Igor Klebanov (2014), Charles L. Bennett (2015), Adalberto Giazotto (2016), Fabiola Gianotti (2017), Philip Kim and Scott Aaronson (2018), Giulia Galli and Alexander Szameit (2019), Jo Dunkley and Karoline Schaeffner (2020), Zohar Komargodski  (2021).

This letter is a call for nominations for the 2023 award Felice Pietro Chisesi and Caterina Tomassoni Prize. This award, reserved for scientists over the age of forty, consists of a monetary prize of 40’000 euro, a medal of the Schola Physica Romana, and an invitation to deliver the prize Lecture at the Sapienza University of Rome on June 13.

A nomination should consist of a letter typically one page long, which illustrates the specific nominee's achievements to be considered. A biographical sketch and a list of the most important publications of the nominee would be highly appreciated.

Candidates nominated in previous years will automatically be reconsidered by the committee. However, a new nomination that mentions additional work and its impact will strengthen the nomination.

The deadline for nomination is May 3, 2024, and the award winner will be notified by June 5 2024. The nominations should be sent by e-mail to the following address:

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Giorgio Parisi
Chair of the Tomassoni Awards Committee


L' Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza" - Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, 00185 Roma