ESA work and research opportunities - Incontro con gli studenti delle Lauree Magistrali

Giovedì, 5 Ottobre, 2017

The European space programme "Copernicus" for Earth observation: work and research opportunities
Thursday 5 october - Aula Conversi - 10 am

L'Agenzia Spaziale Europea incontra gli studenti delle Lauree Magistrali in Fisica.
Presentazione delle opportunità di ricerca e di lavoro.

Giorgio Bagnasco
Sentinel-4 mission Project manager - European Space and Technology Centre - Noordwijk NL
 Copernicus - The European Space Programme for Earth Observation

Thomas Beer
Copernicus Policy Coordinator - ESA Centre for Earth Observation - Frascati I
 Copernicus Master Prize and ESRIN app camps

The Copernicus programme is an initiative of the European Commission (EC). Its main aim is the provision to European public and private institutions of information focused on environmental monitoring and security applications. The role of the European Space Agency (ESA) is to coordinate the Copernicus Space Component and to define and develop its ground-based and space-based system elements. In particular, ESA has defined, developed and launched a novel set of seven Earth observation missions: the so-called Sentinel missions.
The presentation aims at providing an overview of the Copernicus Programme, of the Sentinel missions and at highlighting possible work and research opportunities for Physics students.

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