Data-driven methods for Multi-Scale Physics and Complex System

Lunedì, 24 Luglio, 2017

Data-driven methods for Multi-Scale Physics and Complex Systems
“With big-data we do not need equations” … seriously? (school/workshop in Rome)

We would like to announce a summer school and workshop focusing on emerging theoretical and computational methods at the intersection of data science, complex systems and networked. The summer chool and workshop will develop ideas from model reduction, data-assimilation, network theory, sparse sampling, equation-free methodologies, and machine learning with the goal of providing innovative tools for adaptively modelling and controlling complex, nonlinear processes.

Both the summer school and workshop are free for students, postdocs and faculty alike. However, you must sign up and be accepted to the program to attend. Please see the website.

Students and postdocs can also present their research at the workshop (July 31-Aug. 4). Space is limited, so please have your students follow up with this as soon as possible so we can help support their travels (US $500 for students/postdocs traveling from the US and US $300 for students/postdocs coming from Europe)

Summer School
Dates: July 24-28, 2017
Location: University of Rome “La Sapienza” - Audience: 40-60 Graduate students and postdocs total, no registration fee

Dates: July 31-August 4, 2017
Location: University of Washington Rome Center, Campo di Fiori, Rome - No registration fee

Steven L. Brunton and J. Nathan Kutz, University of Washington
Claudio Conti and Eugenio Del Re, Institute for Complex Systems (CNR) and University of Roma “La Sapienza"

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