Safety - Procedures and regulations


In order to work safely with lasers, people authorized to operate laser systems and access controlled areas are obliged to observe the following specific regulations for their own and others' safety, especially when the laser is in operation:

  1. Allow access to the laboratory only to authorized persons, who are expressly indicated in the sign affixed to the entrance door.
  2. Always wear goggles or masks making sure that they are specific to the source in use and store them carefully.
  3. Do not observe the laser beam through optical fibres or collection systems (telescopes, microscopes, etc.), nor do you ever observe the beam even when wearing safety glasses.
  4. Carefully avoid uncontrolled and accidental reflections, also caused by reflective objects such as pens, metal tools, etc.
  5. Delimit the beam's path also with the use of suitable screens, avoid that the beam's path is at the level of the operators' eyes and stop the beam at the end of the work area.
  6. Prevent the beam from passing through doors, windows or passageways.
  7. Do not wear jewelry, watches or other reflective objects, underestimated sources of beam exposure, by the reflective surface.
  8. If the levels dangerous for the skin are exceeded, necessarily use appropriate clothing.
  9. Do not remove or modify the protective and interlocking devices, or carry out manoeuvres for which you are not competent or which could compromise safety.
  10. Notify the Manager or the Director of any prevention and protection devices that do not work or are damaged, as well as of any dangers of which you become aware; at the same time, suspend the use of the laser and eliminate any immediate dangers. Only specifically authorised operators are allowed to carry out maintenance work.
  11. In the event of an accident, take steps to contain the consequences and immediately notify the Safety Manager and, where necessary, the competent doctor.
  12. The maintenance and use of fibre optic systems may only be carried out by personnel who are adequately trained in the risks and procedures.
  13. When not in use, the laser must be disabled in order to prevent unauthorized use, by removing the control key.


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