The Physics Library’s heritage is made of 30.000 monographic volumes and different collections that have developed over during the years both through acquisitions whose aim is to enrich and keep updated the scientific collections, and through donations of book collections owned by scholars and researchers of Physics Department that have contributed greatly to the historical section of our heritage as well. For the history of our collections visit the dedicated page. Equally rich is the collection of print journals, modern and rare, most of which have been held at the library since their first year of publication. Rare and prestigious volumes, valuable both for their scientific and their historical importance, are stored in a reserved area inside the reading room. Everything that has been described here is retrievable through on our Online catalogue, on our journals’ page and on the SBS website. Finally, a section that is growing is the one of the Physics personal archives collected in our library. The activity of inventorying of the archives recently acquired keeps going on.
Rooms / halls
The library has three reading rooms. Two rooms are located in the Marconi building, with 90 seats with electrical connection for laptops and 2 PC stations. The rooms are air-conditioned in order to preserve the bibliographic and multimedia collections. In this location a seat is reserved for a disabled person.

Another room is located on the third floor of the Fermi building and offers 32 seats.

Wifi connections

The library reading rooms are reached by Sapienza and Eduroam wireless networks. It is possible to be connected all day to wifi networks thanks to power sources for laptops located in all the seats.

PC workstations
The PCs are connected to the Internet and are equipped with professional software. Network access is controlled. It is not possible to download software or anything else from the network but only to consult or save on your personal pen drive.

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