Degree Orientation


Orientation consists in a series of activities aimed at properly guiding the students from high school in the choice of the degree course. Our Department does not consider orientation as a form of advertising aimed at increasing the number of enrolled students, but as a series of actions aimed at encouraging an aware choice of those students who intend to enrol in our degree courses. It is important to know that the choice of the degree course must be well thought out, otherwise the student risks to waste a lot of time taking a course for which she/he is not adequately prepared. A strong motivation is essential for success, but it is not enough. If the student doesn't have the fundamental knowledge pertaining certain subjects, which must be acquired during previous schooling, she/he is almost certainly destined not to complete the studies or, at least, not to reach your goal in a suitable time. Students who want to enrol in physics must therefore be adequately prepared, especially in mathematics. In general (and this applies to all courses of study) a certain open-mindedness and a variety of interests are required, which may even go beyond the purely technical ones linked to the discipline.

On the CISIA website one can find statistics on the success related to the achievement of a degree on the basis of different indicators, such as the results of entry tests, the origin of the school and the mark of the diploma. Without being discouraged by possible negative expectations, it is always good to inform oneself first, in order to tackle the path that leads to a degree in physics in a conscious way. Since these are statistics, in fact, the forecasts are not deterministic, and it is well possible that students who have achieved a low score on the entry tests can successfully complete the studies. But by knowing in advance what they are going to face, the students can quickly find a remedy, in case of failure to the entry test. Sapienza, in fact, offers several tools for recovering the initial shortcomings.

Sapienza offers various activities to guide the students: training and information meetings, and direct participation in activities that, to a certain extent, simulate the work of researchers or students in the degree course.

Lab2Gois one of these activities, which consists in involving the students of the schools in an Alternation School/Work project, whose objective is to bring back the laboratories of physics of the schools in a condition of usability, thus encouraging their use. It is carried out in collaboration with the Rome Section of the INFN, which also takes care of the maintenance of the related website. The coordinator of Lab2Go is:

Prof. Riccardo Faccini
Marconi building, second floor, room 250 – main campus
phone number 06 49914798

Scientific Degrees Plan
The Scientific Degree Plan (PLS) promotes the diffusion of the scientific culture among high school students and carries out a capillary orientation activity, through the organisation of seminars and experimental activities. The Physics Department is involved in this activity in collaboration with the schools of Rome and its province. For more information go to the pertaining pages. The local contact person of the PLS is:

Prof. Giovanni Organtini
Marconi building, second floor, room 246 – main campus
phone number 06 49914329

Other initiatives
The Department of Physics and the Faculty of Science offer students a series of initiatives in order to illustrate the contents, possible employment opportunities, the minimum requirements and administrative procedures to follow for enrolment concerning the different courses of study.
The  Orientation Service provides the students from Italian universities and from La Sapienza with useful information and tools to make a well-informed choice about the master's degree course.

In addition to numerous initiatives to provide guidance and insights on study paths, admission methods and services offered by the University, more details and explanations are provided during the Presentation of the Master's Degree courses and of the different curricula. This Presentation is usually held in the Amaldi / Conversi Hall in June each year. Students can meet and have a direct exchange with the teachers responsible for the degree courses and curricula.
Open Doors at Sapienza
This is an event aiming at informing future possible students about educational oportunities and services dedicated to students. Each academic year Sapienza presents the new didactic proposals, new courses of study and international projects. It is held every year in the middle of July at the main campus, in Piazzale Aldo Moro 5. It lasts three days, from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., during which several stands are set up, and cycles of conferences for the presentation of each faculty are held. The event can also be followed in streaming.
The event generally takes place every year in the second week of July, and dates and programs are published on the home page of the Department's website.

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