The interdisciplinary contribution of Giorgio Parisi to theoretical physics


This is a series of seminars, held in Aula Amaldi in the Physics Department of "Sapienza", with dates that will span the whole 2022/2023 academic year.
These seminars have several purposes: We want to propose a wide-range perspective on Giorgio Parisi's contributions to several different fields emphasizing his style of being a theoretical physicist, interested and active in many areas: a unique source of inspiration for the whole theoretical physics community.
We hope that this series of seminars will also be capable of triggering the same kind of curiosity and interdisciplinary attitude towards theoretical physics in particular among the youngest people starting their work in research: master and PhD students who start their discovery path in the fascinating world of theoretical physics are more than welcomed.
There will be in total 14 contributions, dedicated to the most iconic papers published by Giorgio. Each paper will be discussed by an expert of the field. The first dates are:


6/10/2022, 2h30pm Marc Mezard  "Infinite number of order parameters for spin-glasses"
27/10/2022, 2h30pm Eduard Brezin "Planar diagrams"
24/11/2022, 2h30pm Angelo Vulpiani  "On the multifractal nature of fully developed turbulence and chaotic systems"
1/12/2022, 2h30pm Stefano Forte "Asymptotic freedom in parton language"

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