Pomeriggio tematico: "Gravitational Waves: Foundations and Beyond"


16 Gennaio 2018 - Aula Conversi

The detection of gravitational waves provides the unique opportunity to probe an entirely new region of spacetime, where gravity is strong and curvature is high. New phenomena are expected to emerge, and long-standing problems in fundamental physics will hopefully find an explanation in the next years. For this reason, gravitational wave (GW) physics is potentially interesting to physicists working in several different fields. These seminars are addressed to a broad audience of researchers and students. We shall start with a ground-up theoretical primer on GW physics and with an account on the experimental challenges of GW detection. We shall then discuss what can we learn from GWs, focussing on questions in fundamental physics. Finally, we shall discuss the scientific potential of the space-based GW detector LISA, which will be launched in the next decades.


14.00 Valeria Ferrari: "GWs: a theoretical primer”
15.00 Cristiano Palomba: "Virgo: the present and future challenges”
15.45 Andrea Maselli:  "GWs as a probe of the equation of state of nuclear matter”
16.30 Break
16.45 Leonardo Gualtieri:  “Testing general relativity with GWs”
17.30 Paolo Pani: "Testing fundamental physics with GWs from compact objects”
18.15 Enrico Barausse: "From ground to space: astrophysics and fundamental physics with LISA”

L' Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza" - Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, 00185 Roma