Perspectives of GPU computing in Science 2106

Lunedì, 26 Settembre, 2016

Perspectives of GPU computing in Science
September 26-28 2016
Sapienza Università di Roma - Dipartimento di Fisica - Aula Amaldi
organized by Department of Physics Sapienza, IAC, INFN, INGV.

We announce an international meeting to be held at the Physics Department of Sapienza University, Rome, Italy. The conference is the second event in what we hope will become a successful series. The first twin workshops have been held in Rome and Pisa in September 2014 with a significant success. The aim of the meeting is to present and discuss recent developments in the use of hybrid systems made of Graphic Processing Units governed by multicore CPUs for performance demanding applications in Science. With respect to the previous meeting, we intend to cover a broader range of scientific scopes and are working on collecting contributions from interdisciplinary fields ranging from high­energy physics to biology and social sciences.


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