Materials for Energy

Venerdì, 9 Settembre, 2016

Thematic Meeting “Materials for Energy”
Rome, September 9th 2016 - Aula Rasetti
Department of Physics, Sapienza University of Rome

10:15 Welcome
10:30 Prof. Marcello Baricco, University of Turin, “Hydrides for energy storage”
11:00 Dr. Daniele Pontiroli, University of Parma, “Carbon based nanostructures for the production and storage of hydrogen”
11:30 Dr. Maria Assunta Navarra, Sapienza University of Rome, “Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells and Water Electrolyzers: advanced materials for more efficient devices”
12:00 Prof. Stefania Panero, Sapienza University of Rome, “Electrical Energy Storage: what is around and beyond the corner?”
12:30 Dr. Sergio Brutti, University of Basilicata and CNR-ISC, “MgH2 as high capacity anode material in lithium cells”
14:00 Dr. Giovanni Battista Appetecchi, ENEA Casaccia, “Ionic liquids as advanced electrolyte components for electrochemical storage devices”
14:30 Dr. Francesco Trequattrini, Sapienza University of Rome and CNR-ISC, “Ionic liquids: basic science and applications”
14:40 Dr. Simone Fabbrici, CNR-IMEM, “Magnetocaloric materials: novel solid state refrigeration technologies and energy harvesting”
15:10 Dr. Rosanna Larciprete, CNR-ISC, “Hydrogen production by water decomposition on epitaxial graphene”
15:30 Dr. Leonardo del Rosso, CNR-ISC, “Physisorption and storage of hydrogen in porous materials based on H2O”
16:10 Dr. Floriana Craciun, CNR-ISC, “Multifunctional ferroelectric, antiferroelectric and relaxor materials for energy harvesting, solid-state refrigeration and high energy density capacitors”
16:30 Prof. Paolo Postorino, Sapienza University of Rome, “Structural, electronic and optical properties of Iodine and Bromine organometal perovskites under pressure”
16:50 Dr. Francesco Cordero, CNR-ISC, “Ionic mobility and phase transitions in ion conducting and other perovskite oxides for energy applications”
17:10 Dr. Antonio Di Trolio, CNR-ISC, “Hydrogen irradiated cobalt-doped zinc oxide thin films: conductivity, ferromagnetism and charge storage”
17:25 Dr. Oriele Palumbo, CNR-ISC, “Challenging hydrides”

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