ERC Advanced Grant awarded to Fabio Sciarrino


The European Research Council (ERC), the body of the European Union that finances projects of excellence addressing frontier research activities, awards the QU-BOSS project of Prof. Fabio Sciarrino with an Advanced Grant of 2.9 million euros.  After decades of progress in quantum information science, it is widely expected that in the next few years the field will start to yield practical applications in quantum chemistry and materials, information security, and finance. For these applications to pan out, a crucial intermediate goal is to reach the quantum advantage regime, where quantum devices experimentally outperform classical computers in some computational task.
The aim of QU-BOSS is to experimentally push towards the quantum advantage regime with integrated photonic technology.  QU-BOSS is planned to provide an experimental research breakthrough along several directions, including both “hardware” and “software” components. Different approaches will be adopted, based on hybrid integrated quantum photonics, a versatile and flexible route to manipulate high-dimensional quantum photonic states. QU-BOSS aims to position integrated photonics into the NISQ (noisy, intermediate-scale quantum) era, opening up new scientific horizons at the frontier of quantum information, quantum control, machine learning and integrated photonics.

Sapienza ERC

Fabio Sciarrino


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