Tomassoni Prize

To honour the memory of Mrs. Caterina Tomassoni and Dr. Felice Pietro Chisesi, the prize is awarded to recognize and encourage outstanding achievements in physics. The prize will be assigned without regard for the nationality of the awardee or the geographical site at which the work was accomplished.

Since 2013, the awards were unified into a single premium. A prize titled "Caterina Tomassoni and Felice Pietro Chisesi Prize" will be presented each year on April, at the University of Roma "La Sapienza". The prize consists of Euro 40,000, of an allowance for travel to the awarding ceremony, and of a certificate citing the contributions made by the recipient.

Award Tomassoni and Felice Pietro Chisesi Prize 2017
Fabiola Giannotti
Direttore Generale del CERN

June 19th, 2017
Prize giving ceremony - Aula Magna Rettorato 4.30 pm


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