TO-BE Fall meeting 2014

Lunedì, 22 Settembre, 2014

Rome, Sept. 22-23, 2014
Towards Oxide-Based Electronics: science, sample growth and applications of transition metal oxides.
The TO-BE 2014 Fall meeting is organized in the framework of the MP1308 COST Action TO-BE “Towards Oxide-Based Electronics”. The TO-BE Cost Action is coordinated by CNR-SPIN. The workshop aims at joining together scientists working in the three S&T Work Groups of the COST Action, respectively named: “Fundamental Understanding”, “Growth Control” and “Towards Applications”.

The program includes:

  • one scientific session for each of the S&T Work Groups, where Invited Speakers will give overview talks.
  • a joint poster session for all S&T Work Groups
  • organizational group meetings for each of the three above cited S&T Work Groups
  • on organizational group meeting for the Management Work Group of the Action
  • a Management Committee meeting

Date and location where chosen such to exploit the sinergy with the Superfox Conference starting next day in the same conference room (Aula Amaldi).