Mercoledì 22 Novembre 2006

ore 15:00 - aula M. Conversi

Seminario di struttura della materia

Dr. J. C. Dyre
Roskilde University, Denmark

A model for viscous liquid dynamics

The main focus of the talk is on a description of highly viscous liquids based on a standard time-dependent Ginzburg-Landau equation for the density dynamics, supplemented by the assumption of long-wavelength dominance of the dynamics. The density field is described as a non-conserved field, a feature which reflects the "solidity" of highly viscous liquids. We show how the case with just a third-order term is able to reproduce the (conjectured) generic property of viscous liquids that the high-frequency decay of the alpha (main) relaxation process varies with frequency as omega-1/2.