7) Dattiloscritto di Touschek dell'inverno 1959-60, contenente la proposta preliminare di costruire AdA (l'anello di accumulazione a fasci collidenti elettrone-positrone ideato dal fisico austriaco) a Frascati (Archivio Touschek, 11/86). In apertura, vi si legge:
"The following is a very sketchy proposal for the construction of a storage ring in Frascati. No literature has been consulted in its preparation, since this invariably slows down progress in the first stage, necessary though it may be in the consecutive stages of the development. I shall present here all I have thought about it and much, which others have suggested to me and to anticipate the question: No, I have not properly read O'Neil, but I hope that somebody will. Let me first explain why a storage ring is an important instrument, particularly when fed electrons and positrons. The first suggestions to use crossed beam I have heard during the war from Widerøe."

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